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On Thursday 8 November, Grégory Bonnin (Bordeaux 3—Ausonius) examines Athenian imperialism in the Aegean

Alas, the venerable Institut Ausonius thought of this great image first

This coming Thursday (8 November 2012) at 4 PM  the Rutgers Classics Graduate Student Association and the RU Department of Classics welcome Dr. Grégory Bonnin (Université Michel de Montaigne—Bordeaux 3 & the Institut Ausonius). He will be speaking on the topic of the Aegean islands under Athenian hegemony in a lecture entitled, “Is the Athenian Empire Controlling the Market? Megara and Melos at the Heart of Athenian Economic Ambitions.”

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It’s time to take stock of what Classics can do for your career (Part 3 of 2, with a new resource on celebrity ex-students)

Before the power, lights and internet went out here in central NJ thanks to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the RU Classics Weblog was engaged in a two-part meditation on all the great things Classics can do for your career, with features on the Rutgers undergraduate major and then some impressive but not unexpected outcomes.

But then—as if on cue—a new blog launched itself in the UK on 1 November wholly devoted to the question that we raised in our Part 2, namely: what Classics-educated folks have gone global? Continue reading