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Postcard from Trinity University in San Antonio: Lisa Whitlatch (RU Classics PhD 2013)


Here’s some welcome news! Lisa Whitlatch, Rutgers Classics PhD’13 writes from San Antonio TX:

“On 19 May—a rainy Sunday morning—after years of coursework, teaching and writing, I took part in the 2013 Rutgers Graduate School-New Brunswick Convocation.  It was an absolute pleasure and a fitting conclusion to walk across the stage with my adviser, Dr. Leah Kronenberg, with diploma in hand to receive my hood.”


In the hood: Lisa Whitlatch, PhD’13 (left) and Associate Professor of Classics Leah Kronenberg (right)

“The journey is hardly over: I’ll be teaching at Trinity University here in San Antonio for the 2013-2014 academic year, and from there, the world awaits.”


Roman sarcophagus (detail) in the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean section of the San Antonio Museum of Art

” If you’re ever in San Antonio, be sure to check out the San Antonio Museum of Art, which boasts a huge collection of antiquities.  I look forward to using it as a resource in my Classical Mythology classes at Trinity next Fall.  Otherwise, I’ll be mining my Rutgers dissertation, The Hunt For Knowledge: Hunting in Latin Didactic Poets, for publications and presentations.”

“I’ll be hopping back up for Philly for the 2013 CAAS Annual Meeting, where Rutgers University former and current affiliates will be making a huge splash yet again.  I can’t stay out of the northeast that long!”

Congratulations Lisa Whitlatch for your great work and outstanding leadership in the RU Classics program!


No one knows the ancient animal world better than our Lisa Whitlatch, so we thought she would appreciate this life-size representation of a deer formed from rattlesnake rattlers, last seen in San Antonio’s celebrated Buckhorn Museum, with its 520 species of wildlife on display, many of which are record holders—Ed.