Food & Drink in the Ancient World (31 May-1 June 2019): Register now for this RU graduate student-organized conference

The Cook / Douglass campus of Rutgers University-New Brunswick will be the location for “Food and Drink in the Ancient World” (Friday 31 May-Saturday 1 June), an international conference organized by Rutgers Classics graduate students Emmanuel Aprilakis and Nicole Nowbahar, with the co-sponsorship of the Rutgers departments of Classics, Art History, and Italian, its Center for European Studies, and especially the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (which has provided major support). The Classical Association of the Atlantic States also has helped fund the proceedings with a generous Leadership Initiative Grant.

If you are interested in attending, please register here. (Best by 27 May.) And check out the full exciting program below!

Friday – May 31st, Trayes Hall (Douglass Student Center)

12:00-1:30 Lunch, Sign-in, Opening Remarks by Emmanuel Aprilakis and Nicole Nowbahar (Conference Organizers)

1:30-3:15 Panel 1: Food and Archaeology 

Catharine Judson (UNC Chapel Hill): ‘Does It Matter if It’s Sacrifice?: Redefining the Parameters of Ritual Dining in Cretan Hearth Temples’

Leonardo Bison (University of Bristol): ‘Foodways Investigated through Organic Residue Analyses on Pottery: a Case Study from Phoenician and Punic Sardinia’

Evan McDuff (Brandeis University): ‘A Peppered Past: Piper nigrum and Piper longum Products in the Greek and Roman World.’

Respondent: Bice Peruzzi (Rutgers University)

3:15-3:30 Coffee Break

3:30-5:15 Panel 2: Communal Dining 

Morgan Moroney (Johns Hopkins University): ‘Heaven was a Drink of Wine: The Protective and Rejuvenative Functions of Tomb U-J’s Wine Sealings’

Dan Beckman (Princeton University): ‘Eranophobia: Greek Fears of the Persian Royal Banquet’

Nicholas Cross (Queens College): ‘An Invitation to Dinner: Hospitality for Foreign Ambassadors in the Athenian Prytaneion’

Respondent: Thomas Figueira (Rutgers University)

5:15-5:30 Coffee Break

5:30-6:45 Keynote Address by Kristina Killgrove (UNC Chapel Hill): ‘Food and Foreigners in Rome and Beyond’

7:30 Dinner for Conference Speakers and Organizers

Saturday – June 1st Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health Room 101

10:00-10:45 Sign-in and Breakfast

10:45-11:00 Welcome Address by Michelle Stephens (Dean of Humanities, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University)

11:00-12:45 Panel 3: Food in Greek Literature

Jorge Wong (Harvard University): ‘A Fare Share: Prometheus’ Trick in Theogony 535-557′

Christopher Ell (Brown University): ‘Wining and Dining? Food at Greek and Etruscan Symposia’

Julia Simons (University of Pennsylvania): ‘A Raw Deal: Hippocrates’ Condemnation of Raw Food in On Ancient Medicine’

Respondent: Steven Brandwood (Rutgers University)

12:45-2:30 Lunch and Lecture by Jake Morton (Carleton College): ‘Seasonality and Diet in the Ancient Greek Sanctuary’

2:30-4:15 Panel 4: Food in Roman Literature 

François Porte (University of Rouen): ‘What Wild Beasts we are Fighting With! Caesar’s Legionaries and Famine Foods’

Peggy Leiverkus (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): ‘Food Symbolism in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Robert Santucci (University of Michigan): ‘The Belly of the Metamorphoses: Digesting Baucis, Philemon, and Erysichthon’

Respondent: Selena Ross (Rutgers University)

4:15-4:30 Coffee Break

4:30-6:15 Panel 5: Food in its Social Context

Ruth Palmer (Ohio University): ‘Spilling the Beans: the Roles of Legumes in the Bronze Age Aegean’

Luke Madson (Rutgers University): ‘The Black Broth of Sparta: Plutarch and Social Capital’

David Lew (Bar-Ilan University): ”This Food Stinks! And You Stink Too!!’ Foul Odor Food and People who Reek of Food in Martial’s Epigrams

Respondent: Serena Connolly (Rutgers University)

6:15-7:00 Closing Remarks

7:00 ‘Ancient’ Feast

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