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On 14 November 2013, Dylan Bloy (Brooklyn) illustrates the Rutgers archaeological field school at Vacone (Italy)

Tempus fugit! For the Rutgers Classics Graduate Student Association, it’s the third and final lecture of the fall semester. But what a lecture. At 5 PM on Thursday 13 November, Dr. Dylan Bloy will present on the topic of the “Rutgers Field School at Vacone: Purpose, Method, and Results.”  Ruth Adams Building (room 003) is the venue, on Rutgers’ post-autumnal Douglass Campus in New Brunswick. Needless to say, this event will be of special interest to any RU student aiming to acquire some experience in archaeological field methods and conservation techniques—or indeed, anyone interested in up-to-the-minute archaeological findings for later Republican and early imperial central Italy. Continue reading