It’s the 2020 SCS/AIA annual meeting. RU ready for these Rutgers Classics-related presentations?

It’s that season of the year again —for the 151st time, the annual gathering of the Society for Classical Studies, held jointly with that of the Archaeological Institute of America. This year it’s in Washington DC, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel (901 Massachusetts Ave NW), from Thursday 2 January through Sunday 5 January.

You can see the full programs of the SCS and AIA meetings here and here. And to make things easier, below we’ve listed all the presenters—with times, places, paper titles—who have a connection, of one sort or another, with Rutgers Classics….


800-1030AM SCS Session #3 = AIA Session #1L Blurring the Boundaries: Interactions between the Living and the Dead in the Roman World. Capitol = Level M4. Corey Brennan (Rutgers Classics current faculty) co-organizer; John Bodel (former Rutgers Classics faculty, now Brown University) respondent

1045am-1245pm AIA Session #2L Posters. Marquis Ballroom Salon 1 – 6 = Level M2. Aaron Hershkowitz (PhD 2018, now Institute for Advanced Study staff), “ Connecting Data for People”

145-445pm SCS Session #28 = AIA Session #3K Classics and Civic Activism Workshop.Independence Ballroom Salon E = Level M4. Emily Allen-Hornblower (Rutgers Classics current faculty), “Greek Tragedy and the Formerly Incarcerated: Dialogues with the Broader Public”; Kristina Chew (Rutgers Classics current faculty). “Using Greek Poetry and Drama to Advocate for Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities”

145-445pm AIA Session #3A The “Church Wreck” and Beyond: Marazemi Maritime Heritage Project, 2013-2019. Liberty Ballroom Salon I = Level M4. Elizabeth S. Greene (former Rutgers Classics visiting lecturer, now Brock University) et al., “Past and Present Investigations of the “Church Wreck” at Marzamemi”; also “Engaging the Past with the Present: Connectivity and Maritime Heritage at Marzamemi”

145-445pm AIA Session #3D Secrets Incalcuable: Re-use of Documents and Data in Archaeological Research. Liberty Ballroom Salon O = Level M4. Andrea De Giorgi (former Rutgers Classics post-doctoral research and teaching fellow, now Florida State University), “Antioch on the Orontes Reloaded: New Interpretative Frameworks from Old Contexts”.


800am-1030am SCS Session #35 Classical Reception in Contemporary Asian and Asian American Culture. Mint = Level M4. Kristina Chew (Rutgers Classics current faculty member), “Translating the Voices of Tragedy’s “Other” Women: Theresa Has Kyung Cha’s Dictee and Seneca’s Phaedra

800am-1030am SCS Session #38 Hellenistic Poetry, Greek and Latin. Independence Ballroom Salon H = Level M4. Brian P. Hill (Rutgers Classics PhD 2019, now Bucknell University), “The Hellenistic Pedigree of Lucretius’s Honeyed Cup”

800am-1030am AIA Session #4E Graves, Cemeteries and Skeletons. Liberty Ballroom Salon N = Level M4. Gary Farney (current faculty, Rutgers University Newark) et al., “A Late Roman and Early Medieval Cemetery at the Roman Villa of Vacone”

800am-1030am AIA Session #4H. Antiquities, Illicit Trafficking, and Public Advocacy: The Future of the 1970 UNESCO Convention. Congress = Level M4. Moderator: Elizabeth S. Greene (former Rutger Classics visiting lecturer, now Brock University)

1045am-1245pm SCS Session #48 Chorality. Independence Ballroom Salon C = Level M4. Emmanuel Aprilakis (Rutgers Classics PhD candidate), “The Chorus Leader in Early Hexameter Poetry”; and Aaron J. Beck-Schachter (Rutgers Classics PhD 2018, now Montclair State University), “Choral Identity and the Slave Trade in Fifth-Century Athens”

12:15 to 1:45 PM SCS Roundtable Discussion Session. Marquis Ballroom Salon 1 – 6 = Level M2 Alicia Matz (MA 2017, now PhD candidate, Boston University), co-organizer, “Hestia BU Graduate Pedagogy”

145pm-445pm AIA Session #6D. Current Archaeological Research in Northern Greece and the Western Shores of the Black Sea. Liberty Ballroom Salon L = Level M4. Dobrinka Chiekova (former Rutgers Classics post-doctoral research and teaching fellow, now The College of New Jersey), “The Mother of Gods on the Western Coast of the Ancient Black Sea”


800am-1100am SCS Session #61 Beyond Reception: Addressing Issues of Social Justice in the Classroom with Modern Comparisons. Independence Ballroom Salon C = Level M4. David J. Wright (Rutgers Classics PhD 2018, now Fordham University) co-organizer of panel; and Nicole Nowbahar (Rutgers Classics PhD candidate), “Using Cross-Dressing to Understand Ancient Conceptions of Gender and Identity”

800am-1100am AIA Session #7C. Origins and Romanization of Bithynia et Pontus. Liberty Ballroom Salon I = Level M4. Tuna Sare (Rutgers Art History PhD 2011, now Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and Oxford University), “Urban Life and Agonistic Festivals in Imperial Nicomedia”

800am-1100am AIA Session #7E Water Management and Cults in Etruria (IV-I century BCE). Liberty Ballroom Salon K = Level M4. Andrea U. De Giorgi (former Rutgers Classics post-doctoral research and teaching fellow, now Florida State University), co-presenter, “Water Management at Cosa”

800am-1100am AIA Session #7L Methods and Approaches in Numismatics. Capitol = Level M4. Discussant: William E. Metcalf (former Rutgers Classics visiting professor, now Washington D.C. AIA Society)


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