Rutgers Classics PhD Explosion

Rutgers has been in the business of training folks in Classics since 1771, though it took a good two centuries (to be precise, the year 1971) for the University to confer a PhD in the discipline. The date of 21 May 2008 marks a milestone of sorts, in that four recipients of the Rutgers doctorate in Classics walked across the commencement stage, our highest number ever.

Heartfelt congratulations to the following dissertation writers who received a 2007/8 degree: Ryan C. Fowler, “The Platonic Rhetor in the Second Sophistic”; Gregory K. Golden, “Emergency Measures: Crisis and Response in the Roman Republic (from the Gallic Sack to the Tumultus of 43 BC)”; Michael J. Johnson, “The Pontifical Law of the Roman Republic”; Andrew G. Scott, “Change and Discontinuity within the Severan Dynasty: The Case of Macrinus”.

Next year one can find these young scholars at Grinnell (Fowler), Rutgers (Golden), Davidson (Johnson), and Hendrix (Scott).

GK Golden, TC Brennan, MJ JohnsonAndrew Scott, Serena Connolly

Greg Golden, Andrew Scott

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