RU sheds new light on TRS Broughton

A Rutgers Classics team—faculty member Corey Brennan with graduate students Ryan Fowler (PhD ’08), Andrew Scott (PhD ’08), and Kate Shea—has produced a full edition of the unpublished Autobiography of Thomas Robert Shannon Broughton (1900-1993), one of the truly towering Romanists of the twentieth century.

Written at his family’s prompting over several summers in the late 1980s, this immensely detailed work of 233 typewritten MS pages—the bulk of which is a rich travelogue—offers much especially on the topography, ecology and material remains of Rome’s provinces.

The Autobiography also sheds remarkable light on Broughton’s formation as a scholar and person, and his experiences in the world of Canadian, American and international Classics over a period of some six decades.

As a bonus, there is included an introduction by the historian’s son, T. Alan Broughton (professor emeritus of English at the University of Vermont), dozens of photos from the Broughton family collection, and also the text of an unpublished 1970 lecture Broughton delivered at Bryn Mawr in tribute to Lily Ross Taylor, entitled “Roman Studies in the 20th Century”.

The Autobiography appears August 2008 as a special number of the American Journal of Ancient History, published by Gorgias Press.

TRSB at BMC 1949

Broughton travels to North Africa (1927)

Photo shows TRSB in 1950

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