RU Classics faculty updates: Kronenberg, Brennan

Just in case you were wondering…

Assistant professor Leah Kronenberg has spent the past year on sabbatical with a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies.

She has completed work on a book manuscript that will appear with Cambridge University Press entitled Fables of Farming from Greece and Rome: Allegory and Satire in the Agricultural Works of Xenophon, Varro and Virgil.

Kronenberg also has begun researching a new book-length project entitled Gods and Monsters: Roman Representations of Epicureanism. She will continue work on this project next year with a fellowship from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation.

Associate professor T. Corey Brennan has just finished his second three-year term as department chair, and in 2008/9 will serve as acting chair of Classics at Rutgers. This summer he continues work on his main book project, a group biography of elite women in the Roman Republic, and starts a new study, examining sexual stereotypes in antiquity.

Recent book chapters (appeared or forthcoming) treat Roman dress in North Africa, the limitations of ancient diplomacy, and (for a new supplement to the Cambridge History of China edited by M. Loewe and M. Nylan) a comparison of ancient Rome and the Han capital Chang’an.

This past January Brennan began a two year term as president of the Society of Fellows of the American Academy in Rome, and with it, ex officio membership on the AAR board of trustees. He maintains a weblog of SOF activities here.

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