Welcoming new Classics faculty (2): Serena Connolly

Serena Connolly is delighted to be returning to Rutgers this Fall!

She is a graduate of Cambridge (BA 1998) and Yale (PhD 2004), where she taught for three years before coming to Rutgers Classics in 2007 as a visiting assistant professor. This September Serena starts a continuing appointment in the department.

Connolly has just completed her book manuscript, in which she explores the social, political and legal significance of the system of petition and response, and she’s hoping for publication in 2009.

This summer she is editing part of a previously unpublished translation of the Codex Justinianus as a contributor to a project directed by Bruce Frier (University of Michigan).

She also plans to continue work on a new project, the first book-length examination of the Disticha Catonis—an Imperial collection of Latin aphorisms—in their classical context.

Serena has been enjoying spending June in the heat of the East coast, but will soon be heading to Norway, where she will experience for the first time hiking in the land of the midnight sun.

3 responses to “Welcoming new Classics faculty (2): Serena Connolly

  1. Timothy Ellison

    Congratulations Professor Connolly,

    Rutgers Classics Department is lucky to have a classicist who feels the beauty of ancient history – especially of minor, overlooked groups of the Roman universe – so deeply. We will miss her at Yale but who needs New Haven right?

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  3. Jens Juhl Jensen

    Dear Serena Connolly,

    In a few minutes I am going to send you a mail regarding the Disticha Catonis. The midnight sun I have experienced once, when I took a
    language course of Finnish in the university of Rovaniemi. It was most unpleasant waking up at 3 o’clock, not knowing whether it was p.m. or a.m.

    Kind regards,
    Jens Juhl Jensen

    Jens Juhl Jensen

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