Considering RU graduate Classics? Here’s what you need to know

If you are considering graduate study in Classics at Rutgers, now is the time to put your application together. We asked RU Graduate Director Serena Connolly for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions…


Rutgers Admissions brochure from back in the day—1959, to be precise

Which program?

“Rutgers offers MAT, MA and PhD programs. Here’s some information which will help you choose the right program for you.

MAT: This program is suitable for teachers in middle or high school who are preparing for certification or who have received certification and now want to improve their knowledge of Classics and teaching skills. You’ll take seminars in Latin language and literature, as well other areas of Classics such as history or philosophy. You will also be encouraged to explore offerings in the theory and practice of pedagogy.

MA: This program is both for school teachers who want to expand their knowledge of the ancient world and also for those who are deciding whether to embark on the PhD or need to improve their languages before doing so. You will have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses in Classical philology, history and philosophy. The Graduate Director will work closely with you to choose courses that best suit your needs.

PhD: If you want to teach in a college or university, this is the program for you. Having chosen between our Classical Philology and Ancient History tracks, you’ll take 48 credits across our curriculum and comprehensive translation and oral exams. You will also have plenty of opportunities to teach language and civilization courses. The dissertation follows this, and you’ll receive strong guidance and support from your dissertation committee. The Classics Dept. at Rutgers is strongly committed to placing its PhD students in college or university teaching positions after graduation and will work with you throughout your degree to this end.”

How can I fund my degree?

“Only PhD students are eligible for funding. Applicants for the PhD will be considered for competitive fellowships which provide support through stipends, teaching support, tuition remission and health benefits.”

What do I need to get in?

“Successful candidates typically have:
• Three years of college-level Latin and two years of Greek (the latter is not required of MAT applicants)
• Strong GRE scores (650+ VB and 5.0+ WR)
• GPA of at least 3.3 overall, and significantly higher in the major”

Don’t stop now….there’s more!

How do I apply?

“To apply to our MAT, MA and PhD programs, visit the Rutgers graduate admissions website and follow the easy steps to apply online. Here’s what you’ll need to upload or send to the University:
• Personal statement
• Brief résumé
• GRE test scores
• Three letters of recommendation
• Two official transcripts
• And for international applicants, financial documentation

If you are applying to our PhD program, you should also submit a writing sample, preferably one that is related to your possible research interests.

While the official application deadlines don’t begin until February, for fullest consideration—and the best possibility of funding—send in your application to Rutgers by January 1st.”

And finally …

If you have any questions, email Professor Serena Connolly, our Graduate Director. And if you are in the New Brunswick area, come and visit us. Lots more information—including why to choose Rutgers in the first place—can be found on our new departmental website.

passionpuddle‘Passion Puddle’ on Rutgers’ Douglass Campus, a few minutes’ stroll from RU Classics

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