RU Classics grad student Kathleen Shea wins 2009/10 appointment as Rutgers-Newark Scholar/Teacher

Kathleen Shea has been selected as a member of the second annual class of the Rutgers Scholar-Teachers at Rutgers—Newark for the academic year 2009-2010. The Scholar-Teachers program was developed to place some of the very best advanced doctoral students in the Humanities at Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus in classrooms in Newark. There are just five such positions awarded this year.

Kate’s appointment will be in Classics, which at Newark is administered by the Department of History. There over the course of the year she will teach a combination of four introductory and elective courses in the field.

After receiving her BA in Classics from the University of Oregon, Kate worked briefly in the corporate world before starting the Classics PhD program at Rutgers. Her interests lie mostly in Latin literature, especially Catullus and the erotic poetry of the Augustan age, all against the Hellenistic background. Kate’s dissertation project is on Ovid’s Amores and spectacularity in the urban fabric.

An unusually experienced and gifted teacher, Kate last year served as head Teaching Assistant for Rutgers introductory Latin, with supervisory responsibilities for five sections and over 100 students.

This past fall there appeared as a stand-alone issue of the American Journal of Ancient History an edition of the (previously unpublished) autobiography of T.R.S. Broughton (1900-1993), for which Kate served as co-editor. Plus, for two years, while continuing her studies at Rutgers, Kate served as a full time head college librarian—namely, as Librarian of the Glorious People’s Library at Deep Springs College (California).

Rutgers Classics has seen its students win a Scholar-Teacher award for each of the two years of the Program’s existence. Currently teaching at Newark as a Scholar-Teacher is Classics graduate student Liz Gloyn.

800px-rutgers-newarkCredit: Wikipedia Commons

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