On 21 Feb 2013, RU Classics welcomes Holly Haynes (TCNJ) to speak on “Tacitus with Groucho Marx”


Professor Holly Haynes of The College of New Jersey. Credit: The Signal

On Thursday 21 February 2013, the Graduate Student Association of RU’s Department of Classics welcomes Professor Holly Haynes to speak on an intriguing topic, “The In- and Outside of History: Tacitus with Groucho Marx”. Professor Haynes’ lecture takes place at 4 PM in Ruth Adams Building 003, located on Rutgers’ beautiful Douglass Campus at 131 George Street.

An Associate Professor of Classical Studies at the College of New Jersey, Professor Haynes specializes in the politics and literature of the early Roman Empire, with a particular interest in historiography.

Haynes’ first book, The History of Make-Believe:  Tacitus on Imperial Rome, was published by the University of California Press in 2003. Noted political philosopher Harvey Mansfield praised the work for shining “with originality and intelligence while opening the way to Tacitus’s canny wisdom.” Rutgers Classics professor Corey Brennan chimes in on the book’s jacket, calling Haynes’ study “full of startlingly original insights on some of the most prominent and significant themes in Tacitus’s works”.


Holly Haynes previously taught at Dartmouth College and New York University.  She took her PhD. in Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of Washington. Her current projects include pieces on memory and trauma in the post-Domitianic period and on Petronius’ Satyricon.


A bit of ancient history: Groucho (left) and Harpo Marx, 1902, at the ages of 12 and 14

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a scintillating lecture, and beyond. RU Classics graduate students Scott Barnard and Nicole Freeto organized the event for the Classics GSA. You can view a list of some forthcoming GSA-sponsored lectures (through April 2013) here.


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