Project Runway, 29 BC: RU Classics unleashes ancient fashion show for 25 April 2009 Rutgers Day celebration

Rutgers Day is Saturday 25 April 2009. It’s billed as “a family, friendly, fun exhibition of all of the things we do at Rutgers–our teaching, our research, and our service to the state of New Jersey. We are inviting the citizens of New Jersey to come to New Brunswick, visit the campus, and see what we do.”

Learn all about Rutgers Day here.

What Rutgers Classics is doing on this special day is hosting a Greek and Roman fashion show, under a jumbo tent with a runway extending 60 Roman feet. Students and departmental friends will be making and/or modelling some of the most historically accurate classical garb that’s been seen on our planet since the days of Herodes Atticus. DJ Korenelius will spin and emcee at this hyperbolic event.

Do you want to make the clothes? Do you want to model them? Do you want to do both? Call 732.932.9493 or email here.

But first listen here to the radio spot for this off-the-hook feature (2 minute audiofile): rutgersdayclassicspromo.

Expected to become an annual event, the first-ever Rutgers Day action begins that Saturday 25 April at 10 AM and ends at 4 PM. “With free performances, tours, exhibits, hands-on activities, lectures, demonstrations, and more,” notes the official site, “Rutgers Day expands on the long-standing success of Ag Field Day and the New Jersey Folk Festival to encompass university activities and programs across New Brunswick and Piscataway.”

Similar open campus events at universities such as Maryland and UC Berkeley have drawn crowds of over 40,000 visitors.

More details to follow on the RU Classics Greek & Roman Fashion Show as Rutgers Day draws near!

One response to “Project Runway, 29 BC: RU Classics unleashes ancient fashion show for 25 April 2009 Rutgers Day celebration

  1. This is awesome! DJ Korenelius?! Hahaha…I’m truly excited.

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