RU ready for Philadelphia? Here are some highlights of the Fall 2018 CAAS meeting @ Penn (4-6 Oct)

In our parts, one of the indisputable high points of the academic year is the Classical Association of the Atlantic States annual meeting. And this fall’s gathering—to be held at The Inn at Penn in Philadelphia on 4-6 October 2018—promises to be an especially memorable one.

Highlights are many. A presentation of outstanding undergraduate research, co-sponsored by Eta Sigma Phi. A book signing and panel organized by Kurt Raaflaub (Brown) to mark the publication of The Landmark Julius Caesar. The annual Clack Lecture, delivered by Emily Greenwood (Yale) on “What Thucydides Didn’t Write: Adventures on the Frontiers of World Literature and World History.” Plus workshops on developing race and ethnicity syllabi; the history of secondary school teaching in Classics; Gwendolyn Brooks‘ “The Anniad”; and two dozen additional panels and paper sessions. You can download the full listing of offerings here: CAAS_PROGRAM_FALL_2018.

And here’s just a summary list of Rutgers folks spotted on the program:


Paper Session A (800-1000am) Homeric Identities and Utterances: Lawrence Kowerski (PhD 2003, now Hunter) co-presiding with Jason Pedicone (Paideia Project)

Paper Session B (800-1000am) Greek Emotions and Lived Realities: Fred Booth (PhD 1983, now Seton Hall) and Henry Bender (PhD 1987, St. Joseph’s University) co-presiding

Paper Session C (800-1000am) Latin for the Imperial MillenniumKaren Klaiber Hersch (PhD 2002, now Temple) presenting on “Worth her Weight: Coupling and Eating in Petronius’ Satyrica”

Panel Two (1030am-100pm) Race and Ethnicity Syllabus Workshop for the College and High School ClassroomDavid Wright (PhD 2018, currently teaching at Fordham) co-presiding with Jackie Murray (Kentucky)

Paper Session E:Roman Historical Personages and Places (1030am-100pm) T. Corey Brennan (current faculty) co-presiding with Annette Baertschi (Bryn Mawr)

Ovatio (100-230pm) for Anne Smith (The Shipley School) presented by Henry Bender

Paper Session F (230-530pm) Athenian StagecraftersKatharine Stevens (PhD candidate) presenting on “Dionysiac Dolphins and Grapes in Aristophanes’ Frogs”; Emmanuel Aprilakis (PhD candidate) presenting on “Subtlety and Remembrance in the Book-Culture of Aristophanes’ Frogs

Paper Session G (230-530pm) Latin Textualities in and from the Long First Century BCE: Robert Santucci (BA 2009, now PhD candidate, Michigan) presenting on “Erysichthon in the Modern Environmental Consciousness”

Paper Session H (230-530pm) Gendered Approaches to Roman Scenarios: Katherine Wasdin (former faculty, now George Washington University) co-presiding with Matthew McAuliffe (St. Andrew’s School). Presenting: Nicole Nowbahar (PhD candidate) on “Ille Tenet Speculum: Using the Mirror to Reflect Effeminacy”

Presentation (800pm) of the Barbara McManus Award to Henry Bender by Irene Murphy (St. John’s College High School)


Paper Session K (1030am-100pm) Lucretius and Vergil: Selena Ross (PhD candidate) presenting on “Cyrene, Her Nymphs, and the Implications of Incongruity in Vergil’s Fourth Georgic“; also Maya Chakravorty (MA 2017, now PhD candidate, Boston Univ.) presenting on “Multa Veterum Praecepta: Vergil’s Correction of Cato’s De Agri Cultura

Panel Twelve (230-430pm) Deciphering Identities in the Ancient Black Sea Region: T. Corey Brennan and Valeriya Kozlovskaya (independent scholar) co-presiding. Also Brennan presenting on “Dacian Copies of Roman Money”; and Dobrinka Chiekova (former post-doctoral research fellow, now The College of New Jersey) presenting on “Thracian Religion and Greek-style Monuments”.

It all looks so interesting—and what a great location for the meeting, especially at this time of year!

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